Finding Your Career Path in the Modern Audio Industry

Book Reviews

“When I received word about this book, I first thought “How could anyone write about finding a career in the audio biz?” The possibilities and personal experiences of this lifelong process are simply too big and varied to write about. Then, I started reading and, WOW, through the use of straightforward talk and first-hand excerpts from industry pro experiences, I think she nailed it! I’m a huge fan of anyone who’ll take the time to help others find their way in the audio and music production industry. We all need guidance to make it through our own personal maze in life. I’d truly recommend it to anyone who wants to devote their life towards getting and maintaining a career in the music industry.” 

David Miles Huber, 4X Grammy-nominated musician and producer

“April’s book contains immensely valuable information and detailed advice for anyone trying to carve out a career in the audio industry where freelancing is now the norm. The interviews with so many varied professionals are especially informative – they form a tapestry of different experiences from which April draws out the key messages and common themes. It is refreshing to hear from so many different voices in the audio world, and I really wish I had been able to read this book 20 years ago! I can recommend this to anyone currently working in audio, whatever their career stage, but especially to those trying to start out.”

Caroline Haigh, Institute of Sound Recording, University of Surrey

“You need non-audio skills to succeed in the audio industry. April Tucker’s Finding Your Career in the Modern Audio Industry spells it out, showing a structure and a process for introspective assessments of your goals, your limits, your dreams, as well as essential outward-facing action: networking, job searching, marketing yourself, and more. Business acumen can’t be ignored, and can be mastered: negotiating rates and salaries, contracts, accounting, etc. You might be focused on one career path, but this book widens your view to full range of possibilities in the wide world of audio. With quotes and advice from folks across all facets of the industry throughout each chapter, Tucker’s book is a pleasure to read, and you’ll see there is no mystery to beginning your career in the modern audio industry.”

Alex U. CaseSound Recording Technology, University of Massachusetts Lowell