The Mozart Effect – Debunked

The concept of the “Mozart Effect” was presented in a book in 1999 but the basis was a research paper written in 1993 (by Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Catherine Ky). The original study found an increase in college students’ math scores (specific to spatial reasoning) after listening to Mozart. It got picked up in … Read More

What is a Hearing Dog?

Hearing dogs are dogs trained to assist the hearing-impaired. The type of training they receive is to alert their hearing-impaired owners to things like: A doorbell or knock at the door Telephone ringing Someone calling their owner’s name Alarm clock Baby crying Appliances (microwave, tea kettle, washer/dryer) The amazing thing about hearing dogs is they … Read More

When is a Toy Too Loud?

All toys have to undergo acoustic testing and meet requirements (set by the American Society of Testing and Materials, or ASTM). But, the way that kids play with toys (especially how close a toy is to their ears) doesn’t always match how adults test these toys. Some toys are so loud they can cause hearing … Read More

How noise affects kids at school

It’s been proven in many studies that background noise can affect children’s ability to learn. Until a child is in their teens, it’s hard for them to separate sounds they want to listen to from those those they don’t want to focus on. It’s the most difficult for kids under the age of 5 and it … Read More

How loud is too loud for kids?

It’s important for parents and caretakers to understand what sounds are too loud for kids and what to do about it. Hearing damage (from exposure to loud sounds) is permanent – but we can help prevent it. Three steps to protect your children’s ears (and your ears) from loud sounds Check how loud the sound is. Get … Read More