Timeline of Women in Early Sound Recording History (1895-1959)

Timeline of Female Engineers Timeline of Female Producers Timeline of Female-Owned Record Labels Miscellaneous History Female Engineers 1895 – Ethnomusicologist Alice Cunningham Fletcher recorded the music of Native American tribes in addition to her study of culture and history. She was one of the first women in her field and spent some time in Nebraska … Read More

USB Hub and iLok Storage Hack

Anyone who does audio on a laptop knows this problem: Where do you keep your iLoks and USB dongles so they don’t get damaged? I’ve seen mixers and engineers carrying them in pockets, Altoid containers, or just loose in a bag or backpack. I thought my iLok was safe in a pocket in my padded … Read More

Audio Tools for Filmmakers

Audio is important throughout the filmmaking process. If you can catch and solve audio issues before you get to post, it means we (the post sound crew) can spend our time and your budget making your project sound badass in other ways. Technical problems can eat up the budget and take time away from things like … Read More

Common Audio AAF Issues With Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is known among sound editors and mixers to be problematic when receiving audio by AAF (or OMF). There’s bugs, features that aren’t compatible with the AAF/OMF formats, and very little information from Adobe about any of it. I’ll refer to two types of AAFs: “Embedded” and “link to source” (in Pro Tools terms); … Read More