Are Opportunities a Matter of Luck?

A lot of people use the saying opportunities are “a matter of luck.” In actuality, it’s not as entirely random or unpredictable as it may seem. Opportunities can increase by being strategic where you put your efforts. You can put yourself in a position to receive more of the types of opportunities you are looking … Read More

Troubleshooting an Audio Career

One of the most fundamental concepts we learn in audio is signal flow. Signal flow is the path an audio signal takes from input to output. In a very simple recording system, the path may look like this: Troubleshooting is the process of problem-solving. What is the problem, and what is the source of it? … Read More

How to Get An Accurate Estimate for Post-Production Sound

If you’re a filmmaker or producer looking to get an estimate for post-production sound, there’s a number of questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer. (If you’re a sound person, these questions will help you put together a better estimate.) What’s the Schedule/Timeline? What’s the project about? Some genres generally take more work than … Read More

Searching Online For Audio Jobs

In the audio industry, there’s a few types of job listings you’ll commonly see online: Audio manufacturers. These jobs are creating audio products that people use. It may be anything from customer service (answering phones and emails) to quality assurance, product development, sales, programming/computer engineering, and more. Schools. These jobs could be teaching audio, A/V work, … Read More