What’s the Difference Between Sound Editing & Mixing?

Sound editing and sound mixing are two jobs that go hand in hand, but can be performed by different people with a different skill set/expertise, or the same person. The New York Times used the definitions in an article, “In layman’s terms, sound editing is about collecting the sounds needed for a film. Sound mixing … Read More

Dialog Editing Part 6: Dialog Editing Basics

The dialog editor is responsible for going through all of the dialog tracks for the following: Organizing files on audio tracks Sorting through tracks and removing regions so only usable or preferred/best mics are remaining. Once the appropriate mics are in place: adjusting fade ins, fade outs, cross fades, and filling in holes as necessary. … Read More

Dialog Editing Part 7: Dialog organization for different projects

Dialog organization There’s a lot of different ways to organize dialog and the style can change depending on a few factors (like the genre of the project or the mixer you’re editing for). Here’s a general overview. Documentary/Reality tv When working on reality tv shows (or documentary), it helps to have two sets of dialog … Read More

Dialog Editing Part 8: Other responsibilities for the dialog editor

While you’re editing, there’s a few things to look out for: Shifts in Ambience The ambience is the background sound of production dialog. What you need to listen for is: Shifts in ambience when switching between mics Background noises that come and go unnaturally (like an airplane noise or lawnmower that come and go because … Read More