Scenarios for Discussion: Business Ethics

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In many ways, a business relationship is an audition for how you would be on the job. Everyone makes mistakes, but making poor ethical choices can affect your ability to get work or be recommended by others.

These scenarios are true stories.

What Would You Do?

1. Someone you used to work with has a resume on their website. On the resume, they take credit for a project (and job role) that you did – not them. Would you say something to them or the people you used to work with?

2. A colleague asks you to recommend their partner for an internship where you work. You introduce their partner to the studio manager, who arranges an interview. The partner was a no-show for the interview and did not try to reschedule. What would you say to the studio manager or your colleague? Would you provide help to either of them again?

3. Your boss decided to interview a job candidate after learning you knew him. When your boss talks to you after the interview, you can tell the candidate wasn’t honest with your boss about his experience level or his former job title. What would you tell your boss, and would you say anything to your former colleague?

4. When meeting a professional for lunch, you see them discreetly stealing food. They don’t know that you saw it. At lunch, they ask if you can help them find work, or if you can refer them to anyone who could help. What would you do?