The KonMari Method: Organizing a Sound or Music Studio

I recently discovered Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing expert who wrote “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (Kondo also has a Netflix series called “Tidying Up”). While Marie’s book covers her “KonMari” method to organize and declutter a home, the concepts can easily be applied to anything – including a studio. It works. in fact, … Read More

USB Hub and iLok Storage Hack

Anyone who does audio on a laptop knows this problem: Where do you keep your iLoks and USB dongles so they don’t get damaged? I’ve seen mixers and engineers carrying them in pockets, Altoid containers, or just loose in a bag or backpack. I thought my iLok was safe in a pocket in my padded … Read More

What My Deaf Cat Taught Me About Sound

Meet Yuki, one of my cats. She’s a tiny, feisty tabby. In 2015, we learned that Yuki (6 years old at the time) had gone deaf after having normal hearing most of her life. She probably lost her hearing gradually but it wasn’t obvious until one day when I was vacuuming right next to her … Read More