The Philosophy of Mixing

By description, mixing sound is very simple: It’s manipulating the balance of one sound to another in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing (moving knobs and buttons, basically). Over the years, I’ve come to see it as more than that. It’s still as simple, but a different philosophy. I see mixing (of all types) as telling … Read More

Does music loudness matter when you’re trying to get a track placed for tv/film?

In the music world, the “Loudness Wars” have been a topic of discussion for decades. Even Wikipedia has a page about it! Over time, music has become increasingly loud but critics say it decreases fidelity and enjoyment for the listener. Good mastering can tighten up a mix and make a song pop but bad mastering … Read More

The Mozart Effect – Debunked

The concept of the “Mozart Effect” was presented in a book in 1999 but the basis was a research paper written in 1993 (by Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Catherine Ky). The original study found an increase in college students’ math scores (specific to spatial reasoning) after listening to Mozart. It got picked up in … Read More